The Irish Tour

Now I had cleared up some existing commitments I could start on the Irish section of the tour from Rosslare to the most westerly point of the Irish mainland at the end of the Kerry Peninsula.

Why was I doing the tour? Two main reasons, firstly the adventure of exploring – new places, new people, and secondly to try to obtain donations towards British Tumour Research for the reasons mentioned in the “Sponsorship” link.

The plan for this Diary had been that in the evening after a day’s ride I would settle comfortably on my bed in the B & B and write up the day’s events. However, I soon found out when crossing Wales that things did not quite work out that way.

Though I had a good idea roughly where I intended to stay, and always had the next three days booked, to provide flexibility I had only booked further ahead of this time if I wanted to be sure of staying somewhere specific, for instance, at de Mordha, the most westerly B & B In Ireland. Instead of writing the blog in the evenings, this time would need to be spent planning ahead, based on what mileage I was achieving.

In Wales I would set out in the morning determined to get a good start but soon would finding myself exploring interesting places until late morning when I would realise that I had only done a quarter of the day’s route. The second part of the afternoon would be spent driving myself forward to get to my destination in reasonable time to walk through the new town or village  before I found a place to satisfy an increasingly complaining stomach. After a necessarily large meal, it was back to the B & B where all I wanted to do was sleep. My blogs were being  published increasingly later than the events. Would I do better this time?

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